Cute Chibi Stickers and Pins

...and so much more

Lots of sweet characters to love!

Cute chibi girl with blonde hair and cat sticker
Cute chibi surfer monkeys with surfboards and beach sticker
Bad pup cool skateboarder sticker
Cool chibi surfer dude dog on a surfboard hawaiian style sticker
Pastel violet cat meditating on mat Om sticker
Cute chibi girl and dog in red black and white sticker

We also have lots of pins available in your favourite characters...

Two cool cats going surfing with animal print surfboards pin badge
Cute chibi bear on skateboard pin badge
Chibi alien family pin badge
Cute chibi surfer dogs with surfboards and beach text pin badge
Banff ski bunny skiing on mountain pin badge
Go bananas text chibi chimp monkey juggling pin badge
Cute bear skateboarding in the park

Stickers and pins are just the start - there are literally hundreds of other products available in not only these Chibi characters but other artwork too. You can check some of them out at our online shops: